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About the Healthy Buddy Program

The objective of the Healthy Buddy Program is to improve older adults’ ability to access health care facilities and daily life activities. This program strives to promote physical and mental health by providing adults over the age of 65 with personalized transportation information and local health resources. This is accomplished with a buddy program that pairs each adult with a trained student in a health or related field. Participants in the Healthy Buddy Program will have access to a personalized profile, containing resources that best suit their individual needs. 

If you are, or know of, a Hillsborough County resident over age 65 who could benefit from our services, please begin by signing-up here [Older Adult Sign Up]

Who We Are

We are a team of researchers and students from the University of South Florida, who are passionate about improving older adults’ transportation access to healthcare facilities and daily life activities.

Siwon Jang, Ph.D

Dr. Siwon Jang established the Healthy Buddy Program in 2017 with funding from the Center for Transportation, Environment and Community Health (CTECH) at Cornell Unversity. Dr. Jang holds a Ph.D. in Public Health from the USF College of Public Health and has been involved in developing various behavioral health and safety programs. 

Savana Wright, M.U.R.P

Savana Wright is a research support specialist, working on the Healthy Buddy Program for Dr. Siwon Jang. Savana Wright holds a Master in Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) and a Bachelor of Science in Sustainability and the Built Environment from the Unviersity of Florida. 

Mark Yo is an undergraduate student research assistant, also working on the Healthy Buddy Program for Dr. Siwon Jang. Mark Yo is currently attending University of South Florida working towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. 

Mark Yo

Volunteer With Us!

If you are a student who is interested in joining our team of volunteers, please sign-up here [Student Sign Up].